Looks like a salad bowl, sings like an angel.

Marilyn Rinn and Annie Reynolds of Sound Snacks will present a Crystal Bowl Concert tonight, 6:30 PM at the Barn, co-sponsored by Sudden Valley Tai Chi.  Donations of non-perishable foods or a check made out to Whatcom Food Bank will be accepted.

The white ones look like a large salad bowl. Crystal healing bowls infused with earth minerals glisten with the promise of unexpected sounds.

Sudden Valley resident Annie Reynolds and her musical partner Marilyn Rinn, known as Sound Snacks, will introduce a collection of sounds and their healing potential on Tuesday, February 7th, at 6:30 PM in the Dance Barn.

Sound Snacks and Sudden Valley Tai Chi will collect food donations to be given to the Food Bank. “People usually give at Christmas time but the need continues. We invite people to give food donations,” said Annie. The donations will be delivered to Whatcom County Food Bank as demand continues to excede supply.

“It’s Valentines and we invite people to give from the heart,” said Marilyn.

Crystal bowls are an outgrowth of the computer industry. Each bowl is 99.9 % quartz crystal which is melted at 4000 degrees, spun in a centrafuge and formed into shaped bowls.

“People are familiar with Tibetan metal bowls,” Marilyn said. “Most cultures in the world have used sound in healing in some fashion.” The tones of the bowls flow into the body, inviting healing. “The bowls harmonize the body and dissolve blockages,” she said.

Each crystal singing bowl holds a specific note that rises when tapped with a wand. The tones are aligned with each of the eight chakras, also known as energy centers, that align vertically along the torso and one above the head.

“Alchemical bowls add additional minerals,” said Annie. The bowls incorporate a variety of minerals including indium, emerald, iron, amethyst, citrine, charcoal and rose quartz. “Each bowl has a slightly different personality,” she said. “When our bodies vibrate in disharmony, it is called dis-ease. The bowls bring us into harmon and we feel the shift.”