A magical number: 108

When I first began my Buddhist practice, I learned that 108 is the goal, the number of beads on a mala, the number of repetitions, the number of prostrations. But my western mind wanted to know why.

The answer was simple. It is likely that I would make at least 8 mistakes in chanting my hundred rounds. So, add eight.

Today I begin to learn the Yang Style Tai Chi 108 Form. I’m sure the numbers connect. I am equally certain I will make more than eight errors per one hundred as I learn this new movement. There is only now and I will practice.

Practice not perfection. The earth walk is not about perfection. It is about practice. What do I practice and why do I practice and do I do so with passion and joy? Yes.

Enjoy what calls you to practice. Count or don’t count. Be in the moment. Breathe and embrace the practice.