Woo whooo: 2012

The first day of a new year I think I should set a good example for myself.

Get up early.  10:30 AM.  Relatively early.

Take the dogs for a long walk.  We drive to the lake.  Sunshine and bright gray skies link.  I see  one friend after another on the trail.  Indeed, an auspicious excursion.

Cook healthy food.  Black eyed peas have been recommended as the good luck food for a new year.  I abhor the taste.  Just after midnight, I put on a pot of black beans.  Perfect in time for a mid afternoon lunch.

Tonight I make very spicy pad thai from scratch.

Clean something.  Or everything.  The list is long.  My good example is to clean anything.  Just pick a corner and go for it.  So, I clean one window, polish two window sills, put away potentially dangerous objects that the new cat might encounter and vacuum one room.

The good example is a list of the mundane.  Do laundry.  Sometime betwixt and between, I toss a load of laundry in the machine and change bathroom towels.

Do something spiritual.  I give Michael his tarot-for-the-year reading.  Begin with the root chakra crystal bowl, light candles, and then connect with my Higher Self who guides me through a completely different card layout and I see patterns in a new way.  It was a good reading for both of us.

I have not made a resolution for years.  For me, a resolution is a guarantee for failure.  Instead, I set intentions.  They’re different, they are rowboats that can change course and still be on track.  This row boat will rock and sway as the months unfold.  Thanks for joining me on the adventure.

Bright blessings to you in each moment.